Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

My Unforgettable Experience

One day, when I was in 8th grade, I always go home alone by public transportation.
accidental, at that time I met my friend that her home is near me. So I offered to went home with me. And she accept my offer. I'm so happy because I'm not alone. And we walked to out of school. We wait the public transportation for a few minutes. Not long after that the public transportation came. Fortunately, the public transportation was empty. We are immediately  on public transport. For a few minutes we waited until it was full. Not long after that the public transport already full because it was filled by students. The atmosphere was hot and stuffy. But I don't care, the important thing I quickly arrive at home because I was very tired. 

Not long after that the public transport started going. When the public transport was on the way i just pay my attention to the road and sometimes I chatted with my friend.
after 30 minute, In a moment I will arrive. I immediately set up the money. But when I saw my pocket..."where is my money?" (in my mind). "Oh.. I think I spend my money for bought some food in school" (in my mind) "Oh no what i must to do?" (in my mind)
luckily my friend looked at me and she now what happen tome and then she grab my hands and she talked "dont'worry ria i will payed" "oh really? thank you so much"
and that's all the  my unforgettable experience.

Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

My New Friend

One day, Ria spend her holiday in swimming pool. When she was walking around in swimming pool, she met someone who she never met before and she wanted to be friend with her.

Ria     : "Hello! I am Ria. May I know your name, please?"
Kania : "Sure! My name is Kania. I'm a senior high school student."
Ria     : "I'm a senior high school student too. Are you in a holiday?"
Kania : "Yes. I am from Jakarta. What about you?"
Ria     : "I am from Bandung and now I'm student of SMAN 3 Bandung."
Kania : "Oh I see. What is your hobby? do you like swimming?"
Ria     : "My hobby is reading. Actually I don't like swimming."
Kania : "So, what are you doing in here?"
Ria     : "I just follow my family and now I don't know what to do."
Kania : "Hahaha...can you tell me about Bandung"
Ria     : "I think Bandung is a nice city. There are many tourist attractions and people in Bandung are               very friendly."
Kania : "I agree with you. I have visited Bandung once. Jakarta...you know...Jakarta is capital city so  it is very busy. Sorry Ria I have to go now. See you."
Ria     : " See you in next time.."

Minggu, 30 Juli 2017

It's Me

Hello! My name is Ria Novalita Pramudita. You can call me Ria. I was born in Bandung at 12th of November 2002. I live at Perum Cijerah I Blok 3 no 12. Now I'm 14 years old and I'm studying in SMAN 3 Bandung.

I have one sibling, there are two kids in my family. My brother 9 years older then me. He very kind. He always help me to solve my problems. My brother like cooking. Sometimes we cook together.

My father is an employee. I rarely chat with him, because he very busy. But I'm very love him. My mother is a housewife. she always do  her best for family.

I like tradisional dance. I have learned dance from kinder garden. My family always support me. When I 2nd grade in elementary school my mother register me to dance courses. In 3rd grade my mother register me to swimming courses. My mother always looking after me nicely.

In SMAN 3 Bandung, my class is at X Science 9. My class in 3rd floor it's far to canteen, mosque, laboratory, and others. When I go to class it's like small sport because rather tiring. There are 27 student in my class. They are very fun. For now I do not have a seatmate permanently, because I always keep changing seatmate.

My future goals are accepted in Bandung Institute of Technology or Pajajaran University and continue  S2 even S3. And I hope got a job what I want or I can create my own jobs.

That's all about me. Thank you!